Option 1: A Month of Mindfulness

This class is an overview of mindfulness and the special implications of mindfulness practices when you have chronic pain or other significant long term health issues.  It does not follow just one genre of practice; instead it looks at mindfulness holistically as an array of practices that involve thoughts, body, emotions, and our connections outside ourselves.

Through these classes you will:

  • >Learn how to bring more mindfulness into your life while also being mindful of your chronic pain or health condition
  • >Learn what modifications you can make to mindfulness practices that will support you on the path towards greater mindfulness
  • >Practice mindfulness exercises, guided meditations and body scans in a virtual setting
  • >And: You will be supported in developing your own mindfulness skills

Each week you will have the opportunity to be guided through several types of mindfulness practices of varying length.  These will include body scans and guided meditations.

Class: 1 hour and 15 minutes long, once a week for 4 weeks

Cost: pay as you go, $10/class, or $40 for whole series

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Option 2: Deeper Dive: the M.O.R.E series

This class is based on the well-studied and effective M.O.R.E. program developed by Dr. Eric Garland. SEE MORE INFO HERE: https://drericgarland.com/about-m-o-r-e/

Each class involves some learning, some discussion and debriefing, and more time spent on specific guided practices.

Class: 2 hours long, once a week for 8 weeks

Cost: $20/class ($160 for whole series)

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Option 3: Private Mindfulness or Pain Coaching

This option is highly individualized to your needs.  Choose this option if you want individualized support in developing your mindfulness skills, or changing your relationship with pain.

Cost: please contact me.  May sometimes be covered by extended health.

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Option 4: How to Approach Mindfulness When You Have Chronic Pain

It’s not about meditation (but it can be a part of it if you want). You can practice mindfulness without ever meditating.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • >What mindfulness can be
  • >The many types of mindfulness
  • >Practical tips to try
  • >How to modify mindfulness practices when pain gets in the way

Class: 1 hour group Zoom session

Cost: Free

Next start date: Evening: Wed. Jan 31st at 7pm OR Daytime: Thur. Feb 1st at 11am

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My role as a pain coach is to help you become your own best support.  To be able to hear and attend to what your body and mind need. To help your mind, heart and body align to be your own best ally and move towards a life where you feel able to contribute to yourself and the world around you

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