What is keeping you on the ground?

Are you at a crossroads, a natural time of change, or just feel stuck? Want to move forward with strong purposeful wingbeats? Let’s work together and see where you can go.

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Your Wings

How do you want to show up in your life?

Coaching can help you uncover aspects of yourself or your work that have been in hibernation, or set new plans in motion. Shake the dust off and start moving forward.

  • Shift from feeling adrift in the fog to seeing open vistas

  • Shake off stagnation and cultivate fresh growth

  • Leave overwhelm, fear and uncertainty behind and lift off with purpose

  • Move onward and upward with clarity, creativity and a spirit of adventure

Work with a Life Coach and Take Flight

What Coaching Is

A coach is a thinking partner, whose role is to listen deeply, facilitate and challenge. The goal of coaching is to mobilize energy, resources and focus to move forward purposefully.
It can be about shifting mindset and looking at things in a different way. Coaching provides a unique place, free from judgment, to explore where to put your next footsteps.

What Coaching Is Not

Coaching is not about fixing, providing solutions or sharing expertise. It is not therapy or focused on the past. Being coached may not be easy or comfortable – to be useful it involves work and change!

What Coaching Looks Like

Coaching sessions are usually an hour in length, and are booked in packages of 4 sessions or more. We meet virtually – either over the phone or via a video platform like Zoom – about every 1-4 weeks. The more preparation and effort you put in, the more rewards you will uncover. There is typically homework (usually an experiment or plan to implement) but it will usually be of your own devising!

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Hi, I’m Heather Tingle, a professional ICF certified coach, and I’d love to work with you! If you are uncertain about coaching, have questions, or want to check if my style fits with yours, schedule a free 30 minute discovery session.