I connected with Heather Tingle for coaching to create a more balanced personal life and to achieve work-related goals. My experience with her exceeded my expectations. I found Heather to be an expert in her field, professional, with a caring approach and an intrinsic ability to identify the “grey areas” by asking deep and profound questions. Each session Heather would elicit information from me that we used to generate a framework used semi-weekly for fulfilling goals. Using this framework resulted in achieving extremely positive results, my work-related goals were achieved and the direct feedback I received in the workplace confirmed this. The life balance that Heather helped me establish supported my efforts and continues to be the foundation for forward momentum.

I have taken many personal development, work-related performance, and management courses over the years and found that my experience working with Heather provided me with many significant insights and growth I have not experienced in any of these previous endeavours. If you are considering coaching, give yourself the gift of working with Heather Tingle.

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