What Are You On The Lookout For?

This dog is relentless in his quest for fun. His idea of amusement doesn’t always match mine, but he’s always on the lookout for opportunities to play. I marvel at his willingness to experiment with an open mind.

If I had managed to take a video you would have been inspired by his whole-body enthusiasm-for-mischief, tail wagging with utter glee, as he invited me to play with him and this new kind of stick he “found” on a counter.

A good reminder to intentionally check what I’m scanning for in my environment. I want it to be more about fun opportunities and less about threats. But I will also aim to keep the counters tidy…

Is fun on your radar today? If not, what is?


PS: It all ended with no injuries to either of us. We found something less risky and (arguably) just as fun to play with.