On Dogs and Friendship

My dog seeks friendship wherever he goes.

But there are times when his desire to connect may not serve his best interests. Alas, love and safety do not often go together!

Lately, he’s been trying to make friends with a local coyote.

image of a coyote roaming a suburban neighbourhood

The first day, they saw each other from a distance. The second day, I watched in surprise as the coyote trotted past us just on the other side of the fence. That’s all it took for Ollie to fall in love.

These are photos of him in the process of trying to befriend danger.
The next day, Ollie pulled out all the stops- brought his ball, favourite sticks, even a lovely bone…and waited with his best behaviour.

image of an Aussie doodle sitting at a chain link fence looking out

And there he is looking like a jilted lover when that special someone failed to show.

I love that dogs share their love so willingly. Thought I’d share a bit with you.

May we all find some love out there on the wilder side of the fence!

Even if we just love it from a distance.

Unfortunately/fortunately for Ollie, it’ll have to be a BIG distance.

image of an Aussie doodle looking out of a chain link fence