Finding Connection in Unexpected Places

This incongruous shovel hangs in a tree alongside my daily route, and it
always makes me smile.

I get a kick out of both the mystery and the mischief that this shovel
represents. Is its presence, so high in the tree, a protest? A statement?
An accident? An experiment?

Fun to ponder on how our actions can have unanticipated bonus consequences.

Whoever threw that shovel has no idea how much it amuses me. I hope that
they were impressed with their results, that the action transformed
whatever emotions caused them to throw it in the first place.

Who knows? Maybe no one threw the shovel. Maybe the tree itself is the
mischief-maker, carrying that forgotten shovel skyward with it as it grows.

No matter how it happened, the story naturally gets bigger and better every
year. I feel like the tree is winking at me as I drive on by, acknowledging
its role in the shenanigans. A joke shared.

Hope you see something to make you smile today. And if it is somewhere
unexpected, all the better!


a shovel is high up in a birch tree, stuck.