Christmas Wish for Fun

A doodle dog looks sadly at the camera next to a Christmas tree that has been fenced off so he can't get to it.

Dog is saying: Are you kidding me? Bring a forest into my home and you won’t let me be with it?

This doggie demonstrates daily what it looks like to not question what he wants; he doesn’t stop himself from experiencing life.
He will also test me over the upcoming holiday, trying to find a way past that fence because he wants to taste ALL those ornaments, chew a branch or two, and drink the tree water.
What barriers have you put up between yourself and having some fun?

Are those barriers there for a healthy reason?

Here’s to bringing down those barriers that get in the way of experiencing the simple pleasures of life!
Luckily for the dog, almost everything is a joy for him, so he can well afford to miss out on eating the Christmas tree. Especially because allowing this joy for him would result in the opposite for several others in the household! So, THAT fence stays.

Wishing you all joy and peace over the holidays!